Pickle Wizard

 Pickle Wizard

Want To Mess With Someone’s Mind?

Mail Them Pickles!!!


Pickle Wizard If you’re here, odds are a pickle has been bestowed upon you in a nice parcel
delivered by yours truly, THE PICKLE WIZARD.


Send someone else a pickle that’s what you are going to do you flabby wended rabble rouser! 

It is  only $9.95. What could be more satisfying than the confusion of a friend or foe when they receive a pickle in the mail with a mysterious note ?

The answer you ask ?

Nothing. So get on it, and send those expect o patrons a damn pickle !


For ONLY $9.95

Send That Damn Pickle !!

How It Works:

  • Step 1:  You decide to anonymously purchase and mail a pickle to any rabble rouser of your choice.
  • Step 2:  Click “Buy Now” (using PayPal), and fill in the ship to address of your pickle victim.
  • Step 3:  The Pickle Wizard puts a pickle in an envelope with a hand written, mystifying message and sends it to your victim.
  • Step 4:  You enjoy the galloping gorgons out of how perplexed that goblin crotch of a human will be.


Pretty simple huh?

That is because it is!

Over 683 pickles have now been sent. I wish I was kidding!

But here’s the deal !

There’s a barbaric amount of pickles in the fridge here.

Order Your Pickle and Let them be free.



Whats Included:

Each package comes with a real pickle and the hand written mysterious note from yours truly!

The Pickle Wizard !


Hail The Pickle Wizard

If you want your own custom note, write it in the comments section of PayPal!


Pickle Curses Cast by The Pickle Wizard



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