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Website Update

Website Update

Hello all you flabby wended rabble rouser! Welcome to the new year, and we hope all is well on your side!

Wanted to take this opportunity to let all know that the Pickle Wizard has undergone some major revisions on the website. On January 14, 2018 the site was updated to accommodate a new look and feel for ordering your pickles! This new unique experience will allow each one to buy there pickles and send them to their foes. This new update included adding a new store front and shopping cart along with new standard shipping that is based on USPS zip codes. Further, you will now be able to create an account on the site and track all your expect o patron pickles you have bestowed upon your fellow foes. Also, we are now shipping to Canada so all of our patrons in the great white north can now bestow the faith of the Pickle Wizard upon there enemies.

As always, you still have the ability to pay for your purchases thru PayPal. Once you check out thru the new shopping cart. You will be redirected to Pay Pals secure payment platform where you can make your purchase and then returned to the Pickle Wizard.

Finally, Pickle Wizard is looking forward to serving all our past, present and future customers. So get on it and send those damn pickles!



Pickle Wizard Team