See What Our Pickle Customers Are Saying

                John Jillan

“I can’t wait to hear the shock and confusion when my brother gets the pickle ”

      • Ross Swanner

“Hilarious. Hope all your pickle wishes come true!”

      • Bob Bracket, Tennessee

“Ever since my brother was locked up for tormenting anime he hasn’t been able to enjoy his Sunday pickle. Now, thanks to Pickle Wizard, I can ship him his favorite pastime!”

      • Daniel Williams, Oklahoma

“I opened this mail expecting my tax return, but instead received something much more valuable: A pickle!”

      • Godfrey Jones, Arizona

“I bought this for my Great Aunt as a belated birthday gift. She loves pickles. Thanks Pickle Wizard.”

      • Polly Waxbone, Florida

“I recommend reading all of the pickle facts included with this pickle.”

      • Jessica Atwick, Rhode Island

“Who thought of this??”

      • Abraham Morbeak, West Virginia

“I planted this pickle about two months ago and am still not seeing any sprouts or pickles growing out of the ground. 5/10.”

      • Santi Morris, Alabama

“I got this for my daughter and she loved it! Who would have thought a pickle could bring someone so much joy.”

      • David Albright, Arizona

“I have had the pickle wizard cast a spell upon my house and I am better off because of it.”

      • Edward Almis, North Carolina


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